BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cleanup-startClean up _start() -- the one in libc doesn't zero bss correctlyH. Peter Anvin3 days
mainfw: move sdram downloader test data to assemblyH. Peter Anvin116 min.
newqregfw: set gp for the IRQ bank tooH. Peter Anvin10 days
uart-reworktty: actually clock tty unit; alternative serial port on GPIOH. Peter Anvin3 weeks
unalignedFix top level MakefileH. Peter Anvin4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
116 min.fw: move sdram downloader test data to assemblyHEADmainH. Peter Anvin10-5716/+5727
2 hourssdcard: mount disk images, Makefile/ld: infrastructure for dram dataH. Peter Anvin12-3846/+5855
2 hoursabcbus: fix missing clock to ABC-bus synchronizerH. Peter Anvin2-1/+88
3 daysfw: use -malign-data=naturalH. Peter Anvin6-525/+510
3 daysfw: allow gcc to optimize memset, memcpy, and memmoveH. Peter Anvin6-2/+7
3 daysfw: faster memset()H. Peter Anvin9-3767/+3873
3 daysUse waitirq rather than suspending a memory transaction for SD cardH. Peter Anvin19-3808/+4086
3 daysAdd to waitirq and "andmask" and an "ormask".H. Peter Anvin2-10/+16
3 daysrtc: print the decoded RTC time to the console and update systimeH. Peter Anvin7-2826/+2989
3 daysabcbus: move abcbus to separate module; add I/O status registerH. Peter Anvin9-374/+564