BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cleanup-startClean up _start() -- the one in libc doesn't zero bss correctlyH. Peter Anvin24 months
dma-queueiodevs: auto-generate common constantsH. Peter Anvin23 months
esplinktime: synchronize all clocks: RTC, SNTP, ESP, FPGA/ABCH. Peter Anvin17 months
i2cWIP: generalize I2C interfaceH. Peter Anvin9 months
mainZero-pad MAC addresses in sysvarsH. Peter Anvin4 hours
newqregfw: set gp for the IRQ bank tooH. Peter Anvin24 months
setverwwwhttpd: disable DEBUGH. Peter Anvin13 months
simpleioabc: new directory with ABC programs; first: read/set RTCH. Peter Anvin23 months
slowMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/main' into slowH. Peter Anvin21 months
sysvarssysvar: fix a few broken pointers; don't reset status; add debugH. Peter Anvin4 weeks
v1.2blinktest-1.2.tar.gz  blinktest-1.2.tar.xz  H. Peter Anvin8 months
v1.1blinktest-1.1.tar.gz  blinktest-1.1.tar.xz  H. Peter Anvin9 months
v1.0blinktest-1.0.tar.gz  blinktest-1.0.tar.xz  H. Peter Anvin13 months
v0.0blinktest-0.0.tar.gz  blinktest-0.0.tar.xz  H. Peter Anvin22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hoursZero-pad MAC addresses in sysvarsHEADmainH. Peter Anvin11-4/+4
4 hoursesp32: log esp32 Arduino core and ESP32-IDF version numbersH. Peter Anvin14-7/+22
4 hoursesp32: Serial.print() doesn't do \n -> \r\n conversion, sigh.H. Peter Anvin5-1/+2
4 hoursesp32: add heap status variablesH. Peter Anvin13-6/+21
4 hoursrv32/rtc: log bytes read for RTC, for card bringupH. Peter Anvin12-4/+9
5 hoursDowngrade Arduino-ESP32 to version 2.0.9H. Peter Anvin10-2/+3
4 daysSource code and build mechanism for ABC(80) ROMSH. Peter Anvin17-1/+4692
11 dayswww: implement "smart checkboxes"H. Peter Anvin10-32/+114
11 daysTry to improve boot time by minimizing logging of data on bootH. Peter Anvin16-9/+37
11 daysrv32/shutdown: don't want for console to drainH. Peter Anvin12-5/+4