Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* sntp: fix use of non-DHCP-provided SNTP serverH. Peter Anvin2022-05-214-17/+44
* esp32: setenv_cond() to avoid NULL pointer issuesH. Peter Anvin2022-05-207-8/+16
* esp32: don't try to set an environment variable to NULLH. Peter Anvin2022-05-204-2/+3
* www: show build info on status screen; prep for unified build infoH. Peter Anvin2022-05-2013-24/+55
* fwupdate: update esp32 when flashing from sdcardH. Peter Anvin2022-05-2031-126/+188
* rv32: combine heap and disk cacheH. Peter Anvin2022-05-1930-102/+265
* www: set an explicit security policy for fetch documentsH. Peter Anvin2022-05-184-3/+5
* www: set lang="en" by defaultH. Peter Anvin2022-05-186-3/+3
* www: replace script inc() with custom x-inc HTML tagH. Peter Anvin2022-05-189-30/+33
* www: fix translation tagH. Peter Anvin2022-05-184-1/+1
* www: saner handling of zip excludesH. Peter Anvin2022-05-185-3/+7
* www: even better handling of lang= attributes in HTML for translationH. Peter Anvin2022-05-185-6/+7
* www: smarter handling of inline translationsH. Peter Anvin2022-05-185-9/+8
* www: automatically update the status page content periodicallyH. Peter Anvin2022-05-188-32/+67
* www: periodically update status page contentsH. Peter Anvin2022-05-183-9/+31
* esplink: change to 7 interrupt/status bits per directionH. Peter Anvin2022-05-1821-75/+99
* www/lang/sv: better(?) translation for STA and AP mode statusH. Peter Anvin2022-05-174-2/+2
* www: fix show/hide buttonH. Peter Anvin2022-05-175-4/+3
* www: update.html: go to the status page after successful updateH. Peter Anvin2022-05-175-6/+9
* time: don't sync as often, but always sync after NTP eventH. Peter Anvin2022-05-1723-6/+13
* time: synchronize all clocks: RTC, SNTP, ESP, FPGA/ABCesplinkH. Peter Anvin2022-05-1741-265/+491
* esplink: fix handshake between ESP and FPGAH. Peter Anvin2022-05-1420-28/+30
* Merge esplink work with mainlineH. Peter Anvin2022-05-1449-318/+635
| * www: fix css error; add support for inline translations via lang= tagsH. Peter Anvin2022-05-086-1/+14
| * www: show system time and date on status screenH. Peter Anvin2022-05-076-3/+18
| * www: add missing translationH. Peter Anvin2022-05-074-0/+1
| * esp32, www: implement a basic status screenH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0714-82/+268
| * www: nicer logo2; clear file input before firmware updateH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0710-24/+28
| * update: add help messagesH. Peter Anvin2022-05-077-17/+51
| * www: delete unused showstatus.htmlH. Peter Anvin2022-05-054-5/+0
| * www: remove unused translation stringH. Peter Anvin2022-05-054-1/+0
| * http: a bit more cache mangling...H. Peter Anvin2022-05-054-14/+17
| * www: window.reload(true) is a MozillaismH. Peter Anvin2022-05-055-2/+2
| * httpd: add back immutable flag for static contentsH. Peter Anvin2022-05-054-1/+1
| * www: do a bunch of things "more correctly"H. Peter Anvin2022-05-0510-193/+244
| * Better timezone handling; upload helper scriptsH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0432-53/+69
* | WIP: ringbuffer system between ESP32 and FPGAH. Peter Anvin2022-05-1358-288/+3235
* www: add timezone list for convenienceH. Peter Anvin2022-05-043-6/+297
* Makefile: create version file with the latest git commit infoH. Peter Anvin2022-05-032-4/+37
* rv32: rename fw.h -> common.h for consistencyH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0323-22/+22
* esplink: better error checking, test ESP -> FPGA write directionH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0320-25/+30
* esplink: fix startup time race condition on ESP32 sideH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0321-29/+42
* config: remove obsolete call to addextrainfo()H. Peter Anvin2022-05-034-2/+1
* config: keep track of "disabled" versus "default"H. Peter Anvin2022-05-034-16/+12
* esp32: at least try to detect the board versionH. Peter Anvin2022-05-025-11/+36
* esplink: handle arbitrary byte ranges; allow ESP to query statusH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0222-108/+241
* Have ESP issue a handshake interrupt; some common link codeH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0225-41/+108
* httpd: use HTTP status 303 for setlangH. Peter Anvin2022-05-024-24/+52
* ESP32 code for FPGA link; test code and fixesH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0134-16/+259
* Implement FPGA <-> ESP32 communication pathH. Peter Anvin2022-05-0135-255/+365