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* README: add license = Open Hardware License 2.0 PermissiveHEADmastermainH. Peter Anvin2021-12-162-0/+220
* Beginnings of a v2.0 board: add SD card support via AVR uCH. Peter Anvin2021-06-083-0/+15393
* Add README fileH. Peter Anvin2021-06-061-0/+5
* v1.1: update board silk screen to match R1/R2 resistor changesH. Peter Anvin2021-01-244-25/+40
* v1.1: change R1 & R2 resistor valuesH. Peter Anvin2021-01-243-5/+5
* v1.0: add warning to avoidH. Peter Anvin2021-01-241-0/+0
* PUN80: ABC80 USB "network card" - v1.0 and v1.1H. Peter Anvin2021-01-2433-0/+92633