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* Add LICENSE file - release all under the LUFA licenseHEADmainH. Peter Anvin2021-12-161-0/+2
* fmtx: support emitting interblock silenceH. Peter Anvin2021-07-151-4/+24
* usbcas.h: use 725 bps for ABC80, which is what ABC800 will generateH. Peter Anvin2021-07-151-1/+1
* Avoid underruns as much as possibleH. Peter Anvin2021-07-154-53/+73
* fmtx: hold the line for 1024 bit-times in case of underrunH. Peter Anvin2021-07-151-12/+15
* fmtx: do allow the output to go high when not in useH. Peter Anvin2021-07-145-77/+95
* fmtx: explicitly drive the output line to 0 when not in useH. Peter Anvin2021-07-082-10/+16
* Motor relay sense supportH. Peter Anvin2021-07-084-26/+138
* Merge branch 'main' of ssh:// Peter Anvin2021-07-082-5/+7
| * Merge branch 'main' of ssh:// Peter Anvin2021-07-083-54/+61
| |\
| * | fmrx: more careful handling of the receive timeout interruptH. Peter Anvin2021-07-081-4/+6
| * | Make the baud rate for ABC800 closer to correct (unused anyway)H. Peter Anvin2021-07-081-1/+1
* | | usbcas: clean up insane formattingH. Peter Anvin2021-07-082-120/+140
| |/ |/|
* | fmtx: make transmitter handling interrupt-drivenH. Peter Anvin2021-07-083-54/+61
* fmrx: add a timeout for no more clock edge (last bit?)H. Peter Anvin2021-07-081-27/+61
* fmrx: remove more debugging codeH. Peter Anvin2021-07-081-9/+4
* fmrx: use prescaler if baud rate is lowH. Peter Anvin2021-07-081-4/+14
* fmrx: remove debugging codeH. Peter Anvin2021-07-081-23/+0
* sendbrk: trivial tool to send a BREAK on a serial portH. Peter Anvin2021-07-081-0/+49
* Rx works!H. Peter Anvin2021-07-083-16/+78
* Improve port controlH. Peter Anvin2021-07-072-5/+5
* Call the USB task functions when we are busy-waiting on somethingH. Peter Anvin2021-07-064-6/+13
* USBCAS: better handling of baudrate clip, add receive routineH. Peter Anvin2021-07-066-20/+112
* USBCAS: we overflow UBRR for 720 baud, so need to duplicate bitsH. Peter Anvin2021-07-066-62/+141
* USBCAS: seem to have transmit working...H. Peter Anvin2021-07-068-104/+267
* USBCAS: change device descriptorsH. Peter Anvin2021-07-061-2/+2
* usbcas.h: don't use LED3; the Pro Micro board doesn't have itH. Peter Anvin2021-07-061-3/+3
* .gitignore: add generated filenamesH. Peter Anvin2021-07-061-0/+7
* USBCAS: change name of main file to usbcas.[ch]H. Peter Anvin2021-07-063-2/+2
* USBCAS: update Makefile for Arduino Pro Micro boardH. Peter Anvin2021-07-061-4/+8
* USBCAS: start with a copy of the LUFA USB to serial projectH. Peter Anvin2021-07-069-0/+3582
* Add obj/ subdirectory to gitignoreH. Peter Anvin2021-07-061-0/+1
* Begin project with LUFA as submoduleH. Peter Anvin2021-07-063-0/+12