BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fred-v5.12x86/fred: retain %rax on entry for speedH. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
fred.queue-workx86/fred: PROTOTYPE code for queuing work or reschedule on task returnH. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
masterMerge tag 'kconfig-v5.13' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ma...Linus Torvalds17 months
v5.12-fred-baselineMerge branches 'x86.asm', 'x86.entry' and 'x86.irq' into prefred-5.12H. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
x86.asmx86/asm: use _ASM_NOP_DS_PREFIX in <asm/special_insns.h>H. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
x86.entryx86/syscall: maximize MSR_SYSCALL_MASKH. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
x86.genimagex86/genimage: add option to add modules.img to {fd,hd,iso}imageH. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
x86.irqx86/entry: only use entry/thunk_*.S for older gcc versionsH. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
x86.irq.v3x86/irq: merge and functionalize common code in DECLARE/DEFINE_IDTENTRY_*H. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
x86.lkgsx86/gsseg: use the LKGS instruction if available for load_gs_index()H. Peter Anvin (Intel)17 months
v5.12fred-5.12.tar.gz  fred-5.12.tar.xz  fred-5.12.zip  Linus Torvalds17 months
v5.12-rc8fred-5.12-rc8.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc8.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc8.zip  Linus Torvalds18 months
v5.12-rc7fred-5.12-rc7.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc7.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc7.zip  Linus Torvalds18 months
v5.12-rc6fred-5.12-rc6.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc6.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc6.zip  Linus Torvalds18 months
v5.12-rc5fred-5.12-rc5.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc5.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc5.zip  Linus Torvalds18 months
v5.12-rc4fred-5.12-rc4.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc4.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc4.zip  Linus Torvalds18 months
v5.12-rc3fred-5.12-rc3.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc3.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc3.zip  Linus Torvalds19 months
v5.12-rc2fred-5.12-rc2.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc2.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc2.zip  Linus Torvalds19 months
v5.12-rc1-dontusefred-5.12-rc1-dontuse.tar.gz  fred-5.12-rc1-dontuse.tar.xz  fred-5.12-rc1-dontuse.zip  Linus Torvalds19 months
v5.11fred-5.11.tar.gz  fred-5.11.tar.xz  fred-5.11.zip  Linus Torvalds20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-05-05x86/fred: retain %rax on entry for speedHEADfred-v5.12H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2-8/+12
2021-05-05x86/fred: rename fred_entry.c -> entry_fred.cH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2-4/+4
2021-05-05x86/fred: fix configuration-dependent build errorsH. Peter Anvin (Intel)6-6/+22
2021-05-05x86/fred: allow FRED systems to use interrupt vectors 0x10-0x1fH. Peter Anvin (Intel)8-18/+41
2021-05-05x86/fred: NOT FOR UPSTREAM - big code bundle to actually enable FREDH. Peter Anvin (Intel)13-56/+188
2021-05-05x86/fred: FRED entry/exit and dispatch codeH. Peter Anvin (Intel)5-1/+326
2021-05-05x86/fred: add an NMI entry stub for FREDH. Peter Anvin (Intel)1-0/+21
2021-05-05x86/fred: add a debug fault entry stub for FREDH. Peter Anvin (Intel)1-10/+35
2021-05-05x86/fred: add a page fault entry stub for FREDH. Peter Anvin (Intel)1-2/+18
2021-05-05x86/fred: add a system interrupt vector table for FREDH. Peter Anvin (Intel)1-1/+41