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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/nasm-2.15.xx' into debug-macrosdebug-macrosH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-0913-45/+170
| * debug: don't call dfmt->linenum without a filenameH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-4/+7
| * debug: invoke dfmt->linenum when the segment number changesH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-093-11/+26
| * changes.src: update 2.15.03 release notesH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-3/+8
| * NASM 2.15.03rc2nasm-2.15.03rc2H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-1/+1
| * configure.ac: also try -std=c99H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-1/+2
| * pa_c_typedef.m4: also test for __typeof and __decltypeH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-1/+2
| * autoconf: use -std=c17 or -std=c11 if availableH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-1/+2
| * autoconf: add success/failure code options to PA_ADD_*FLAGSH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-093-7/+9
| * configure.ac: if we have a C17/C11-compatible compiler, use itH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-1/+2
| * configure.ac: better tests for typeof, snprintf, vsnprintfH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-093-20/+115
| * vsnprintf.c: fix printing of a size_t variableH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-091-2/+2
* | data: replace data->sign with a flags fieldH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-094-57/+68
* | assemble: don't pass a NULL filename to dfmt->linenumH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-081-1/+1
* | preproc: pass macro debug information in invocation orderH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-081-4/+11
* | nasmlib.h: clear up namespace confusion in list_reverse()H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-081-10/+15
* | macro debug: use rb_search_exact()H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-082-7/+9
* | rbtree: add rb_search_exact()H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-082-0/+13
* | debug: collect macro information for the debug backendH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-0811-34/+421
* | rbtree: implement rb_first(), rb_last() operationsH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-082-11/+48
* | rbtree: implement a "threaded LLRB tree"H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-082-57/+204
* asm: fix pass_type()H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-082-1/+3
* k_test.asm: comment out %pragma list optionsH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-081-1/+1
* config/unconfig.h: still needs to be in the repositoryH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-081-0/+182
* test/Makefile: allow overriding -L+H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-081-1/+2
* changes.src: update with current state of 2.15.03H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-071-0/+15
* NASM 2.15.03rc1nasm-2.15.03rc1H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-061-1/+1
* BR 3392692: outcoff: allow user to reduce the default alignmentH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-063-37/+65
* compiler.h: safer/more portable version of offsetin()H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-061-4/+12
* rdflib.c (main): change incorrect break statement to /* fall through */sezero2020-07-061-1/+1
* rdflib.c: add back timestamp size to header in library creation.sezero2020-07-061-0/+2
* portability: Watcom C portability updatessezero2020-07-062-9/+25
* compiler.h: add missing #endifH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-061-0/+1
* offsetin(): use typeof() if the compiler supports itH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-063-4/+46
* configure.ac: -enable-... breaks other compilers, so hope for clang 10H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-061-6/+0
* config/unconfig.h: generate by Makefile, not autogen.shH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-067-826/+58
* pa_func_attributes.m4: better messagesH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-061-4/+4
* clang: add -ftrivial-auto-var-init=zeroH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-062-5/+28
* test/Makefile: the debug option for -f dbg is -gdebugH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-061-1/+1
* travis: weirdpaste.i now has better line directivesH. Peter Anvin2020-07-051-8/+6
* preproc: handle %+ pasting after empty expansionsH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-051-20/+16
* Make debug info and error messages correctly reflect macros and repsH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-057-164/+260
* BR 3392691: errors: issue ERR_PASS2 messages in preproc-only modeH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-032-4/+25
* doc: swap 'hyphen' and 'minus' in PostScript definitionH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-021-2/+2
* doc: remove references to sourceforgeJasper Lievisse Adriaanse2020-07-011-2/+0
* NASM 2.15.02nasm-2.15.02H. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-011-1/+1
* changes.src: fixed Mkfiles/msvc.makH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-011-0/+2
* msvc.mak: fix syntax for excluding config.hH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-011-1/+1
* strlist.h: move safe_alloc declarationH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-011-1/+1
* Change unused -> unused_func to remove special caseH. Peter Anvin (Intel)2020-07-013-24/+3