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* gas/tc-i386.c: don't complain on overflow for a subtractive relochpa/seg16H. Peter Anvin2019-08-021-0/+4
* gas, i386: support generating R_386_SUB16 and R_386_SUB32 relocationsH. Peter Anvin2019-07-302-7/+57
* gas/config/tc-i386.c: don't convert SEG16 relocationsH. Peter Anvin2019-07-301-0/+1
* gas/config/tc-i386.c: be more selective when filling in typesH. Peter Anvin2019-07-291-4/+4
* gas, i386: support generating SEG16 relocationsH. Peter Anvin2019-07-292-75/+120
* elf32-i386.c: change R_386_SEG16 to complain_overflow_bitfieldH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-1/+1
* bfd/elf32-i386.c: R_386_SEG16 is not a PC-relative relocationH. Peter Anvin2019-07-271-1/+1
* i386: add R_386_SEGRELATIVEH. Peter Anvin2019-07-265-7/+25
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'sourceware/master' into users/hjl/16bitH. Peter Anvin2019-07-264056-138734/+697619
| * PR24798, buffer overflow in process_cu_tu_indexAlan Modra2019-07-262-29/+32
| * Begone elf_linkerAlan Modra2019-07-263-7/+6
| * Ajdust lto-3r and lto-5r tests for powerpc64Alan Modra2019-07-263-2/+7
| * Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator2019-07-261-1/+1
| * Fix comment about the signature of add_separate_debug_fileChristian Biesinger2019-07-252-2/+8
| * [gdb/testsuite] Test skip_libstdcxx_probe_tests in mi-catch-cpp-exceptions.expTom de Vries2019-07-254-44/+88
| * Fix attributation of DWARF augmentation patch.Nick Clifton2019-07-251-1/+1
| * Have readelf and objdump display the contents of the DWARF augmentation data ...Tom de Vries2019-07-252-1/+27
| * When linking binary files into MIPS executables, default to MIPS 3 emaulation...YunQiang Su2019-07-252-0/+12
| * Stop an illegal memory access by readelf when parsing a corrupt MIPS binary f...Nick Clifton2019-07-252-4/+41
| * Allow passing a block to lookup_global_symbol_from_objfileChristian Biesinger2019-07-246-5/+23
| * Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator2019-07-251-1/+1
| * [gdb/testsuite] Fix implicit declaration of printf in gdb.objc/*.mTom de Vries2019-07-244-0/+10
| * Revert "Remove tests that test __gnu_lto_v1 symbol."H.J. Lu2019-07-244-0/+27
| * [gdb/testsuite] Fix infoline-reloc-main-from-zero.exp compilationTom de Vries2019-07-242-1/+7
| * [ARC] [COMMITTED] Fix formatting.Claudiu Zissulescu2019-07-242-68/+82
| * Update the Swedish translation for the gas sub-directory.Nick Clifton2019-07-242-4191/+5083
| * [ARC] Update disassembler opcode selectionClaudiu Zissulescu2019-07-244-2/+35
| * [ARC] Update ARC opcode tableClaudiu Zissulescu2019-07-246-1461/+2263
| * [ARC] Add linker relaxation.Claudiu Zissulescu2019-07-245-0/+218
| * gdb/h8300-tdep.c: Fix register name in h8300h machine.Yoshinori Sato2019-07-242-22/+42
| * Fix ar so that it can correctly detect non-dash prefixed options that appear ...Nick Clifton2019-07-242-1/+19
| * Complain about mbind, ifunc, and unique in final_writeAlan Modra2019-07-2437-127/+198
| * Re: ELF final_write_processingAlan Modra2019-07-244-20/+20
| * Define ELF_OSABI for visiumAlan Modra2019-07-246-6/+23
| * PT_GNU_MBIND section mappingAlan Modra2019-07-242-1/+8
| * Update expected info threads error messages in gdb.multi/tids.expTom de Vries2019-07-242-7/+19
| * [gdb/testsuite] Fix info-types.exp for debug info from more than one fileTom de Vries2019-07-242-2/+11
| * Automatic date update in version.inGDB Administrator2019-07-241-1/+1
| * Fix objdump's display of indirect strings in object files, which was broken b...Nick Clifton2019-07-233-6/+10
| * Add missing ChangeLog entries forH.J. Lu2019-07-231-0/+7
| * [AArch64] Add support for GMID_EL1 register for +memtagKyrylo Tkachov2019-07-236-1/+17
| * [gdb/testsuite] Add missing initial prompt read in multidictionary.expTom de Vries2019-07-232-0/+12
| * [gdb][Arm]: gdb cannot step across CMSE secure entry function code.Srinath Parvathaneni2019-07-235-0/+167
| * Remove tests that test __gnu_lto_v1 symbol.Martin Liska2019-07-233-20/+0
| * SHF_GNU_MBIND requires ELFOSABI_GNUAlan Modra2019-07-2314-108/+205
| * ELF final_write_processingAlan Modra2019-07-2340-99/+175
| * Move ld-scripts size testsAlan Modra2019-07-2313-101/+104
| * binutils testsuite test for ELF32 vs ELF64Alan Modra2019-07-232-2/+7
| * gas "mbind sections" testAlan Modra2019-07-232-2/+4
| * Add Changelog entry missing from previous delta.Nick Clifton2019-07-231-0/+5