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@@ -27,20 +27,42 @@ Access MinnowBoard's serial console
- do whatever you want
- detach and logout: Ctrl+A D D
-Flash latest official UEFI firmware image
+Flash latest official Minnowboard MAX's firmware image
-- open:
-- download latest release version
+- open:
+- you might want to download a complete set of docs
+- download latest pre-built BIOS firmware binary image (debug or release)
+ * NOTE: the zipped file will contain instructions on how to flash the fw image
+- For example, one of the following group of Binary Firmware Files and Flash update tools:
-- unzip downloaded file and copy FirmwareUpdate.efi and MINNOW.fd files to a FAT32-formatted USB stick
+ MinnowBoard.MAX.I32.080.D01.bin
+ -- MinnowBoard MAX Binary Debug Build For IA32.
-NOTE: there is doc directory which contains PDFs on how to access serial console and flash fw image on
- minnowboard.
+ MinnowBoard.MAX.I32.080.R01.bin
+ -- MinnowBoard MAX Binary Release Build For IA32.
-- connect USB stick to minnowboard
-- access minnow's serial console
-- execute `map -r` command on the UEFI shell
-- access files by executing command `fsX:` (where X is the number of the mapped fs)
-- flash fw image: `FirmwareUpdate.efi -f MINNOW.fd`
-- reboot and enjoy new fw
+ MinnowBoard.MAX.X64.080.D01.bin
+ -- MinnowBoard MAX Binary Debug Build For x64.
+ MinnowBoard.MAX.X64.080.R01.bin
+ -- MinnowBoard MAX Binary Release Build For X64.
+ MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateX64.efi
+ -- UEFI firmware flash update tool to use with MinnowBoard MAX X64 Firmware
+ MinnowBoard.MAX.FirmwareUpdateIA32.efi
+ -- UEFI firmware flash update tool to use with MinnowBoard MAX IA32 Firmware
+- Instructions for updating the 64-bit BIOS image when executing within a 64-bit environment:
+ 1) Copy "FirmwareUpdateX64.efi" file to storage device (Sdcard, Udisk, or Sata)
+ 2) Enter UEFI shell
+ 3) Type the "fsX:" command under UEFI shell where the "fs" portion of the term "fsX" is the term
+ used for your storage device, and the "X" portion of the term "fsX" is replaced by the index
+ identifier of the storage device being used (for example, fs0:).
+ 4) Type the following command to update 64bit bios image:
+ # FirmwareUpdateX64.efi <TargetIA64BiosImageFileName>
+ 5) The system will automatically shutdwon after the update is complete.